What We Do


We offer a wide range of services and solutions including:

Website Development - from simple to complex, we can design and implement a solution for you and we can provide ongoing management of your site, remember your website is your shop window for potential and existing customers
Website Hosting - as well as providing your website we can also host it for you and we are happy to transfer your existing hosting to our competitive hosting plans. We are also happy to provide the arrangements so that the transfer is seamless with minimum disruption to your business.
Online Shops- We can provide and setup an online shop for you, some people also refer to this as eCommerce but either way we can get you selling on the web. Our solutions can be a stand alone store or integrated within your website, in fact some businesses just run an on line store as their main website.
SEO - The black art of Search Engine Optimization, all new websites designed by us will be optimized for the keywords you choose or we can assist by optimizing your existing website. We never make claims that we can get you to page one on the popular search engines but for sure with a careful plan we can improve your current position.
Content Management Systems - Many people implement a website and then it becomes a tick box on the to do list but you need to make a website dynamic delivering new and up to date content. Our CMS systems allow you to manage your website without the need of a web developer on a day to day basis and yes that means we get less repeat work but we have happier customers.
Blogs - An easy way to communicate with your customers, Blogs provide you with a quick and informal method to communicate with your customers or members. You can let them know what is going on with your business what is new and it is a way to portray the character of a business behind the corporate screen.
Mobile Solutions - We can optimise the design of your site so that it can be easily viewed and accessed on mobiles or other devices with a small screen, effectively your website has two different designs but with the same content and message delivered to the users however they are viewing your site. Mobile users are the biggest growth area for internet users so make sure you take account of this.
Logo Design - We can design you a new logo to your specification or update an old logo. We discuss your requirements and then produce a range of designs and from there we refine and redesign until you are 100% satisfied. Any logo produced will be 100% copyright owned by you. Logo design can be a fundamental part of your new website or as a stand alone project, speak to us for a competitive quote.
Social Networking- The nature of your business may mean you would like to engage with your customers in ways other than via your website, we can provide links into Facebook, Twitter etc so you are keeping your customers updated in a number of different ways.
Information - Do you have a lot of information that you need to make available to your customers, if so we can setup a Knowledgebase or a Wiki. Both of these solutions can be installed on your existing website or even on a new URL and once produced will allow your own employees to update with the latest information. KB or Wiki solutions will present your customers with a range of information and as well as providing an improved service will also reduce your support overhead for answering routine questions.
Website Rescue - Has your website got in a mess after lots of changes, then speak to us and we can take over development of your existing site and gradually move it to where you want to be to suit your timescales and budget, it does not always have to be a 'drains up' approach of a complete new website but can be a tweak or two of your current setup.
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